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The Valley of Love

The Valley of Love
The Valley of Love is located in Cappadocia, Turkey. This area is famous for its unusual landscape of volcanic origin. This area is also known under the name Penis Valley. Here you can see unusual rock formations – pinnacles with one or more “caps”. These pinnacles were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruption. Tons of lava covered this area. Over the years, soft ground was washed out under the influence of wind and rain, thus leaving hard formations, which broke cover. Millions of tourists come here to see these giant phallic-shaped boulders. The height of these unusual formations is 20 – 30 metres. Many tourists, who come to this region, are confused because of its attractions of ambiguous shape and huge size. People say, if you father a child in the Valley of Love, your kid will be strong, healthy and incredibly beautiful!


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